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Coming Soon! will be back soon! Until then, you can check out all of our previous videos on our YouTube Channel. If you're in the market for any Airsoft parts, accessories, or guns, you can support us by shopping at our parent company, AirsoftFix.

What's In Store

Repair & Upgrade Guides! We will be moving from 100% video-based guides to easier-to-follow step-by-step guides using a combination of explanatory text, photos, and videos. The Repair & Upgrade Guides will also contain links to Mechbox Explorer component pages to make further research easier.
A Mechbox Explorer - basically, a Wiki for every component in the Mechbox. Each component will have a detailed description, as well as lists of common variants, normal and abnormal operating conditions, and failure modes with causes and symptoms. Over time, we will add photos and videos to make the Mechbox Explorer the most comprehensive Airsoft technical reference tool in the world.

A Diagnostic Tool to interactively walk you through various troubleshooting steps for common problems. The Diagnostic Tool will be linked directly to data contained in the Mechbox Explorer, making it an excellent tool to point out a quick fix, or point you in the right direction for more complex issues.
Thanks to our retail partner AirsoftFix, you will be able to Buy Parts directly from We will carry a variety of brand new parts, as well as a very dynamic assortment of hard-to-find spare parts salvaged from guns, or sourced directly from the manufacturer. No more crawling around the boneyard trying to find some obscure part!

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